Never Let Me Go Ch 7-12

January 11, 2012

In chapters 7-12 of Never Let Me Go, the setting has shifted from the grounds of Hailsham to the Cottages. After graduating, each of the Hailsham grads re sent n groups to different establishments to live. The three main characters are kept together and are each sent to the Cottages.
The Cottages are described as a farm-like with barns and storage houses flipped into sort of individual dorms. All of these houses surround the farm house, where the kitchen and family room are located.
The former Hailsham students are not alone at the Cottages, but live with other “special” students just like them from schools around England. Having lived at the Cottages for awhile, these students are known as “the veterans.”
One of the most prominent conflicts I noticed in this section is how each of the main characters are struggling to form their individual identities outside of Hailsham. Ruth, who we can deduce has no concept of her self-identity, clings onto a relationship with Tommy to define who she is. Unaware of her true feelings or intentions regarding Tommy, and better yet how to express them, she mimics the actions of the veteran couples and the couples which she sees on television.
On the other hand, there’s Kathy, who instead of copying others, goes out on a pursuit of finding her identity through experimentation. She toys around with sex, porn, and even her relationships. One such incident of her experimenting with her relationships is when she calls Ruth out on copying TV show characters. Opposed to Ruth, Kathy is upfront about her quest not only involving finding herself, but also trying to fit in.
It’s interesting to see the dynamics of the relationships between the characters because they are slightly light-hearted. Nothing seems to upsetting or surreal for them, but rather everything is superficial. I’m curious what exactly they know that we don’t about their lives, and why their emotions about their own lives don’t go very deep.


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