Never Let Me Go Ch 19-24

January 11, 2012

Well, the book has come to a close, and the first thing I am going to do is re-read it! I never thought I would ever say that… I sat down with Never Let Me Go, enthralled with its twist and turns and its toying way of hinting something but then ripping that possibility away at first chance, and fell in love with Ishiguro’s style. Despite studying this novel and thinking about it as I went along, I feel like I still only have a superficial understanding of it. Ishiguro has planted all of these thoughts into my mind about science, morality, life, love, friendship, and so many other topics, but he managed to turn most of my opinions upside down. I cannot form a single opinion on the topics such as cloning which he brought up, and without reading it again I know I won’t be able to.
Neither Tommy nor Kathy was able to escape their fate in the end which doesn’t surprise me. Ishiguro didn’t write this book to be a fairytale with a happy ending. The way he ended the story left a haunting image and emotion with me. Fate cannot be escaped whether we agree with it or not, and it seems that at a young age we are taught to simply accept it and not question.
Knowing what I know now about how Hailsham was special in its treatment of their children, I look back to Chrissie, Rodney, and the others and my heart goes out to them. It’s hard for me to accept that these characters never had a chance. Their life was grim from the beginning, and the light never reached them.
Was anyone else as disturbed by this ending as I was? As much as I wish it had ended happy, I know it would not have done it justice. If you have not read this book then you need to add it to the top of your list. I consider Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go to be a more realistic Frankenstein for our age.


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