Never Let Me Go Chapters 19-23

January 10, 2012

Wow! I can’t believe Never Let Me Go has come to an end. I will say I have really enjoyed reading this novel. The way Ishiguro twists the story throughout the book and gives you all the final details in the very end makes you want to keep reading. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a laid back, easy to read, interesting book.

            In these final chapters Tommy and Kathy finally end up together. I saw them together from the very beginning of the novel. The way they confided in each other and knew how to make each other feel better, made me feel as if they were destined to be a couple. When Tommy and Kathy finally ended up together I wanted to scream with excitement. Although, I was excited for their new found relationship I was also saddened when Tommy told Kathy he wanted a new carer for his fourth donation (Chapter 23). I understand why Tommy wanted a new carer, he didn’t want Kathy to remember him in the pain he was going to be in, but it broke my heart to see Kathy driving away with her “lover” in the background.

            Another thing I found quite upsetting was that the whole deferrals ordeal was a rumor. I wanted Tommy and Kathy to get a deferral and be able to live a happy ordinary life for at least three years. Finding out that it was all a rumor was very depressing. But the trip to see Madame ended up revealing information that I had been dying to know. As readers we finally found out what exactly Halisham was. It was a place where “students” were brought up in hopes to give donations so cures could happen (at least that is how I understood it). At first I was kind of taken back by all this. I didn’t know whether to think it was wrong or right. The more Miss Emily kept telling Tommy and Kathy the more I started to agree with what she was saying. Madame and Miss Emily got the whole Hailsham project started and what they did is noble in a sense. These “students” could have easily ended up in a government controlled home, but instead they went to places like Hailsham where they were free to live their lives as normal as possible. I’m not saying the whole donation thing isn’t strange and I haven’t quite decided if it is wrong or right. I’m saying that the way Madame and Miss Emily handled things seemed to be with the student’s best interests in mind.

            Like I said before I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. I thought it was creative and nothing like the books I have read before. So, if you want a novel that will keep you questioning then Never Let Me Go is the book for you. The last thing I will say is that the ending of the novel through me for a loop. I feel like the ending when Kathy is standing in the field with all the garbage and clutter blown against the fence and her sobbing missing Tommy more than ever. I feel like this ending has a more significant meaning than what I am giving it. Did anyone else feel this way? Or was the ending kind of peculiar; for a lack of a better word.



One Response to “Never Let Me Go Chapters 19-23”

  1. Caroline Tart said

    I felt that there was something more to the ending that Ishiguro led on as well. The closest I can come to about understanding the scene with Kathy crying is that her life is “trash”. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but I mean it in a more in-depth way. By the end of the book Kathy has lost her best friend Ruth, Tommy has fired her as his carer and she knows he’s going to die soon, and time in life is coming to an end as well. All of the years that she worried about boys, artwork, and friendships were in vain because at the end of the day she and her friends are only destined for a young, painful death. There turned out to be no way of getting out of donating, and the world outside of Hailsham never really knew she existed. Thanks to Madame and Miss Emily each of the characters got to leave a mark on the world through their artwork which other kids never got to do.

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