Never Let Me Go Ch 1-6

January 9, 2012

First off, let me personally apologize to each of your for falling short on this assignment. As we have discussed in school, I read the book awhile back, but somehow these online responses got pushed aside.

When I first learned that we were going to read Never Let Me Go I honestly did not know what to expect because I had never heard of it or the author. However, the first few sentences of the summary were enough to strike my interest.
From the beginning, I was quite eager to find out right away how these children were “different,” and every idea possible went through my mind from them being supernatural or possibly possessing a level of intelligence never before seen by this world. So as I was reading, I searched for clues between the lines and held onto every small clue Ishiguro let us have.
The first six chapters frustrated me a little because of Ishiguro only giving us few clues as to what was so special about these characters, but as I later found out his purpose. He wove an intricate tale together with few, yet sufficient, clues to allow the reader to experience this tale at its’ greatest.
The relationships among these characters were elaborately formed, and kept me puzzled within those first six chapters. Kathy and Ruth were best friends who shared their entire lives with each other, but they couldn’t truly be themselves with each other. Ruth easily declared herself the alpha of the friendship, and Kathy gracefully accepted this. It seems a bit unrealistic to me how accepting Kathy is towards how others treat her, but I feel that this will begin to play a larger role in her life later on.
Also, Kathy and Tommy’s relationship seems to foreshadow that they will have a future together. Tommy’s temper tantrums are a laughing stock of the entire school, but Kathy has a mysterious way of calming him and bringing him back to reality.
Throughout these chapters, Kathy discusses her career as a “carer,” and although the reader is not aware of what a “carer” truly is, it can be assumed that it involves watching over others in a time of need. Even as a young girl, Kathy is portrayed by Ishiguro as having a loving touch, an understanding nature, and a peaceful demeanor.
From this point in the book, it is nearly impossible to deduce what greatness these children are destined for, but it is certain that whatever it is, they are going to have to triumph many difficulties throughout their lives together.


One Response to “Never Let Me Go Ch 1-6”

  1. casheppard said

    I totally agree with you on the fact that Ruth seems to be the alpha of the “friendship” and Kathy seems to just accept this. I feel that Kathy and Ruth call themselves best friends, but they don’t act like best friends. Yes, they do share nearly everything with one another, but they both always seem to be holding something back. That puzzles me, because my best friend and I never hold anything back. We tell each other like it is; whether that hurts the other person’s feelings we know it’s out of love and not spite. I feel that’s how it should work with a best friend; you should be able to be totally honest with one another. I definitely think this “holding back” will play a role in the girl’s friendship as we continue through the novel.

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