Never Let Me Go Post 13-18

January 8, 2012


These six chapters mainly concentrated on the trip to Norfolk and the relationship between Ruth, Tommy, and Kathy. Along with these six chapters I had my regular set of questions come up too.

            Throughout these six chapters I couldn’t help, but wonder what it would be like if Tommy and Kathy dated instead of Ruth and Tommy. When Ruth, Tommy, Kathy, Crissie, and Rodney all go on their extravaganza to Norfolk to find Ruth’s possible; Tommy and Kathy seem to connect in a way that makes me feel like they have deeper feelings for each other than “just friends.” From Tommy wanting to surprise Kathy with her once lost cassette to having intense conversations about their lives Tommy and Kathy seem to connect on a deeper level. Maybe Tommy and Kathy will end up together towards the end of the book, who knows. Ishiguro has a way of slowly developing things throughout the book, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tommy and Kathy end up together in the next few chapters.

            Another thing I’ve noticed while reading is that Ruth is a very peculiar character. Her moods seem to fluctuate. One day she and Kathy are best friends and the next it seems that she is stabbing Kathy in the back (Kathy always makes up an excuse for why Ruth is acting like this though). Ruth doesn’t seem like a true friend to me. I feel like she is constantly trying to win over the veterans whether that means hurting her best friend, Kathy, and her boyfriend, Tommy. I don’t know about anyone else, but if a friend was treating me like that I would confront her. Best friends and not to mention girlfriends should not treat the ones they care about like the way Ruth is treating her loved ones.

            I also found it quite interesting whenever Tommy started to go off on his theory about the “approvals.” I wonder if Hailsham really has approvals where couples could “buy” some years before they become donors. Is Tommy’s theory really true? Also with Tommy’s theory there came the idea of the gallery. I’m really intrigued by the gallery. I wonder why Madame takes all the children’s good artwork. Where does the gallery come into play?

            These six chapters definitely posed some very interesting questions. I’m very excited to see if Tommy and Kathy ever have a relationship in the coming chapters. And if the real reason the gallery exists is revealed?


One Response to “Never Let Me Go Post 13-18”

  1. Caroline Tart said

    I agree with what you have stated about Kathy and Ruth’s friendship not being very healthy, especially for girlfriends. I’m curious as to why Ruth acts the way she does. Currently, I am toying with the idea that Ishiguro created Ruth to be a sort of foil character to Kathy, who is compassionate where Ruth is, well, ruthless.
    What also intrigues me, which you have mentioned, is Hailsham. You brought up the “approvals” which makes me wonder, “why Hailsham?” Why do the veterans treat the Hailsham students as though they are somewhat better than the others? I’m starting to wonder if the Hailsham students have been cloned to be geniuses.

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