Never Let Me Go Chapters 1-6

December 11, 2011

The first things I encountered when I began reading were several words which I wasn’t familiar with. For example, “bedsit” (which I now know means a small apartment; it is a primarily British term) was unfamiliar to me, as was “trammelled” (which doesn’t really make sense to me in context after researching its meaning. I had to make several trips to in the process of reading, anyhow.

I was impressed with how Ishiguro introduced the plot. By beginning in the midst of things, and returning to Kathy’s days at Hailsham, he makes the story sound like less of a bedtime recital and more of a mature novel. The occasional return to Kathy’s current thoughts help the reader remember that the story is not just a recitation of events past, but a complicated and emotional retelling.

The difference between adults and children in this novel is central to the idea of the book, and the two have been contrasted quite a bit already. Ishiguro presents adults as the fortunate ones, yet they are tormented inside by the idea of the children’s donations. On the other hand, the children are innocent and naive (as children are wont to be). I have a feeling that Ishiguro will build on these distinctions as the story goes on, widening the adult-child gap.

Most of all, I am very anxious to learn about what the “donations” entail. Do the children die? Do they get to lead even semi-normal lives? I doubt it, but I’m becoming prone to reading this book rather than doing my other homework. It’s really quite a page-turner.


One Response to “Never Let Me Go Chapters 1-6”

  1. casheppard said

    The whole donation thing has been quite intriguing to me as well. I haven’t quite grasped what the donations entail yet. When Tommy talks to Kathy about his encounter with Miss Lucy he tells Kathy that Miss Lucy became very frustrated and said that they (meaning Hailsham) wasn’t teaching its students enough about donations. I’m guessing donations take place outside of Hailsham…maybe when the students become carers. I guess whenever I hear the word donation it makes me think of donating money or an organ. Hopefully, we will learn what donations are in the next few chapters because I think that will help with the understanding of Miss Lucy’s talk with Tommy.

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