Never Let Me Go 1-6 post

December 11, 2011


When I first checked out “Never Let Me Go” from our school library, I was a little bummed out because it looked kind of……well boring. Yes, I know I should never “judge a book by its cover,” but with the dreary cover art the book didn’t entice me at first glance.

                After reading a chapter or two I was hooked. The way Ishiguro describes Hailsham makes me want to attend because it sounds very secretive; it almost reminds me of Hogwarts in Harry Potter. I haven’t quite grasped what all Hailsham has to offer though. Is it a boarding school? What are the “guardians” preparing the children for? How do you get into Hailsham? Do the kids get to see their parents? Hopefully these questions and many more will be answered in the next few chapters. It’s safe to say though, that Hailsham is the place everyone wants to be. Kathy mentions her encounter with a man, who she cared for, who she told stories to about her experiences at Hailsham. Kathy mentions the man’s fascination with her stories and how he would imagine himself there, in place of her.

                Another question I have come across while reading this novel is this: what is a carer? At the beginning of the novel, it begins by saying that Kathy had been a carer for eleven years. Did Kathy train to be a carer at Hailsham? Is a carer a nurse? I really hope that these questions are answered in the next few chapters because I’m dying to unlock the secrets of Hailsham.

                I have learned my lesson to never judge a book by its cover. “Never Let Me Go” has really surprised me and now I can’t lay it down! Ishiguro’s writing style is different from other author’s he begins the novel right in the middle of things and that leaves a lot of open ended questions and allows him time to answer these questions in following chapters.


2 Responses to “Never Let Me Go 1-6 post”

  1. ksdewar said

    Nice job, Caitlin. I like the questions you raised. I’m curious and may have to add this book to my “to do” list. 🙂

  2. kailadavis said

    I definitely also made a HP connection within minutes of reading. The secrecy and almost magical feeling calls to memory the first time reading Harry Potter as an eleven-year-old. I think that’s maybe what kept me reading – that odd sense of familiarity.
    I also had similar questions about what a carer is and how the roles that Cathy recalls are pertinent to the rest of the story. Now that I’ve gotten a little further, I’m understanding it a little better, but I’m still so anxious to finish! It’s a fantastic book so far!

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